About me…

hey !! My name is Kumaran aka Kumz, I’m a HR professional and have great passion towards photography though just a beginner. The magnificence of photography is that there are always more and more ways of improving your shots and you keep striving towards creating that picture perfect photograph.

Well … in this whole process of mastering photography I get to learn several different perspectives of life and the things around me. This gives me a great kick! My passion towards this form of art grows day by day while I discover the magical effect of a photograph. You create wonders out of insignificant things around you through your pictures.  Even recreating what already exists can to a large extent provide a new angle to a subject. Above all, feedback to such creations is the fuel for your engine to move on.

I began this journey called photography with a Pentax P30T and then moved to Nokia N95 8GB. Today, am the proud owner of a Canon Rebel XSI (EOS 450D).

My passion can even change the course of my life … its so strong! So do keep your comments flowing into my inbox while I work towards bringing you more and more splendid shots.


7 comments on “About me…”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. Hello Kumz,

    You have a nice site here with good work. I’m following you on Networked Blogs via FB and hope to see more from you as time goes by.

    California, USA

    • Hello Michael,

      Thank you!

      I really enjoy the kind of photography inputs from your site. Hope to learn more, keep up the good work.


  3. kumaran……. Good work

    ◄ s a r i t h ►

  4. am a basic learner f photography…i find ur blog useful…am following it up !!thanks…

  5. Hello Kumaran sir, i just saw ur blog, its superb…the photos are really fantastic…great work..:-)

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